Bokeh Watch Face

Bokeh Watch Face

Impressive pixel perfect watch face. Equipped with gorgeous photo realistic bokeh background. Designed specifically for round devices, looks great on all types of watches. Displays date, time and battery level.

Bokeh Watch Face is simply beautiful. The wide font used to display time and date is elegant and in combination with gentle background makes the face fit to suit as well as sports dress.

The background uses a parallax effect based on real time G sensor readings. This makes such an ordinary act as checking current time a completely different and immersive experience. Prepare for battery drain, because you won’t be able to get your eyes off the display.

The second version of the face is now available in Google Play and the third beta version can be installed from Google Play directly after joining our community of testers.

Functionality covered so far

The second version of the watch face implements these features:

  • Displaying date, time and battery level
  • Immersive background parallax effect
  • Date and time format options
  • Turning parallax effect on/off
  • Settings companion application for connected mobile phone

Planned features

If you consider current features to be not enough, you’re right. We do as well. Fortunately we still have future plans. These include for instance:

  • Configuration screen for watch
  • Possibility to configure custom time and date format
  • Extensions to be displayed in lower watch face area + few extension ideas:
    • Local weather and forecast extension
    • Hiking extension (a compass, altitude, distance, optionally barometer and storm warning)
    • Calendar extension (nearest events)
    • Google Fit data extension (steps, time spent, latest heart rate)

And this is definitely not the end of the list. Ideas come as we speak and there will be much more.


Get the watch face on Google Play for free and let us know your thoughts. We are really interested in your opinion and ideas.

Want to be more engaged?

If you want to have latest features we work on and help us with testing them, you can join our Google+ community community Bokeh Watch Face Testers.

You can also let us know your thoughts, ideas or problems. We are working hard to keep our application rating high, so if you have any problem that you find significant enough to prevent you from giving us the best rating, please let us know first. We’ll do our best to solve it.

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